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Note: The instruction and the Riddle card are currently available in Hebrew
Tel Givivor 5, Tel Aviv

Cosmic Elephant


Number of pieces: 200

Puzzle size: 28x35cm(11x13.7in)

for individuals
for individuals
 for couples
for couples
 for professionals
for professionals

“Symbolizes loyalty and family unity, fertility, strength and power. Sensitivity, knowledge, stability, intelligence, peace, reliability and determination”

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Cosmic Elephant Wooden Puzzle
פיל לקישוט
פאזלים מיוחדים מעץ
פאזלים מאתגרים מעץ
פיל דקורטיבי מעץ
פאזל עץ
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Yes, you will receive a unique adhesive board with each puzzle for sticking the puzzle and double-sided silicone stickers for hanging the puzzle on the wall.
It does! We have included a unique adhesive board and double-sided silicone stickers for you at the bottom of the box – at no extra cost! After you complete your Pazzu, you can hang it on the wall (comes with instructions in Hebrew).
All of our puzzles are intended for ages 6 and above, except for the Kid’s Puzzles category, which are suitable for ages 4 and above.
5 mm thick plywood. We use the highest quality paints and finish them with a durable finish. All materials are ecological and environmentally friendly.
We indicate the level of difficulty on the product page and indicate the level of difficulty with our logo.
Table of difficulty level:
One logo = easy, 2 logos = medium, 3 logos = medium plus, 4 logos = challenging, 5 logos = very challenging
Elephant Mockup
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